måndag 17 januari 2011

Day one

I dug up more wierd stuff on that wacko mailing-list I found a while back. It was an encrypted attachment containing some ramblings about a meatpacking plant, but it seemd like someone was going there to do something. I printed out a hardcopy and took it with me to mickey D's, and when I got there everyone else was there too. Marcus, Simon and Monica where all sitting around talking and by that I mean that Marcus was talking Monica  listen and Simon was watching the ponies on the tube. I order my 305:th Big Mac & Co since I found out about "The Great Work" (what ever that is) and still hoping to find out if I got "the special". I sat down and gave Marcus the hardcopy I brought.
- "This is important", Marcus stated in that annoying tone that means we are about to do something stupid.
I eat my burger, not feeling any diffrent (again, maybe 306 is my lucky number). After some bickering we decide to take Simons current car(not a stolen car, this time), a big old chevy to the meatpacking plant. I called shotgun and Simon whined a bit about bit being his car, while Marcus drove (why do we always do things Marcus's way?) and Monica sat silently in the back.
We arrive without incident(a small fucking wonder) at the meatpacking plant and we get out to eye the picketers that blocked the gates to the plant. Monica gets her big ass dog from the trunk and Simon drops his piece in the trunk(stupid ex-con running around with a gun...). And Marcus gets worked up because this is his element, an angry mob, a evil corporation. He gets his bullhorn(who totes a bullhorn with him everywhere, well Marcus does) and starts towards the crowd. Me and Simon take a good look at the two cops that are assigned as crowdcontroll or something. And poff Monica is gone, using our SOP I fire off a sms asking where she went. The reply is as crazy as Monica, "Up a tree", looking around I spot Monicas dog sitting at the foot of a bushy tree. I guess she scared, again. Marcus already at it stirring up trouble with the picketers, Simon and me notice that a cattle truck has been stopped by the crowd. I move closer to the gates and take a peek through the chainlink fence, most of the guards are at the gate scanning the crowd but I see some in the compound. Simon caomes up to me with a car mat. He asks me to follow him to the back of the truck when we get there I start looking around. The crowd is getting ready to do some serious damage now and their signs are hefty 2by4's, this could get ugly in a hurry. All of a sudden I hear the door on the truck slam open, as I turn to check it out Im almost trampled by a herd of cows. This is Simons doing, I'm sure. Well, more chaos should bring out the guards so we can slip in. I totally lost track of Marcus I hear him on his bullhorn now and again. As I get back to my spot at the gate with Simon I see that the guards are scared and staying on the safe side of the fence there are some calls to get some handlers out to corall the cows. And some shouting that they shouldn't as all this is going on I hear a big bang and I fireball amongst the cows, either a cow spontainously combusted or some one detonated a bomb. We see Marcus jogging up to us with a big shiteating grin on his face! "Was that your doing?" I ask. "Yeah, I torched the box with our molotovs" he replies. Simon meanwhile tosses the car mat over the barbedwire at the to of the fence.